Metals have always enthralled humans since the beginning of time – Steel and iron imbedded in countless buildings, with even the Egyptians, the Romans and the emperors of the past draping themselves in gold. Just as they had adorned robes of gold, many current day houses adorn the same gold accents. It is hard to pinpoint when the gold fad had begun, with as many modern-day metal accessories as the metallic antiques in vintage stores. But, it is safe to say that this metal trend isn’t dying out anytime soon.

With our ideas, decorating with an eclectic array of metallic accents may prove easier than you think, regardless of your style and space.


Metallic paint

For those reluctant to give up their treasured space, metallic detailing doesn’t even need to be the real deal to add gleam to a space. Metallic paint can be fluidly used in many situations, with a crowd favorite being accents on a feature wall.


We at i.Poise Design, love playing a game of “spot the gold”. Metallic paint can be used to touch up old furniture, knobs and even certain overhead lighting.



Metal wall art

To all the art lovers out there who have wished for their private little museum, metal art pieces could be the start of fulfilling that wish. Dependent on your style, there’s a spectrum of metal pieces for you to choose from. Metal pieces have the unique ability to bring character to an otherwise bland room with its physical presence, intense 3D texture and varying shades.



Metal Furniture

Consider those that like the contemporary theme in luck. Recently, metal tables are just to die for, they have a one-of-a-kind metallic character that spices up the house and yet, they’re as pragmatic as pretty.



Before anything, metal is known for its durability and ductility, making it the perfect element to toy with. Its ability to withstand substantial weight allows it to be used for an array of items, from hanging seats to minimalist shelving.




Mix with marble or wood

However, too much metallic sheen can be slightly too kitsch. Balance the glare with marble or pair with wood for a pleasant touch. This creates balance and ensure seamless integration of the glamorous trend into any room.



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