Give your 4-room HDB a Makeover with these creative interior design ideas

The most difficult part of designing the interior of a new home is always about how to make the most of every bit of living space you have! To be organized and have a space function in more than one way requires more brain-racking sessions than you might expect.

We understand your agony and we’re here to help you, with this compiled list of our most-loved creative interior designs that are meant to help you get more space out of your 4-room HDB while, of course, making it look just how you wanted it!

Combine your living and dining room

We’re going to start with the living room because it’s the space that creates the first impression for anyone who enters your home. That’s why it’s important to keep things organized yet fully functional in multiple ways.

One thing many HDB homeowners are doing these days is combining their dining and living rooms to create one seamless, spacious area. Many do this by having their dining table in the living area, but another way of achieving this is by turning your usual dining table into an island that acts as a partition, dining space and workbench, depending on how you want to utilise the space at any given time.

If you prefer to have some form of separation between your kitchen and your living room, that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the look of a spacious living room. Many of our clients like to add a subtle element of separation by using glass partitions–this way the spaces aren’t visually cut off, but there’s still a sense of demarcation where you want.

Build Custom Platforms and Storage

Another way to combine, maximise and visually expand a particular space is to build custom platforms with your 4 room HDB flat. This adds function and space to a room in multiple ways–but let’s break it down for you.

Our designers build custom shelving that either meld into walls and partitions to give you extra storage without taking up space or having the appearance of bulk within your small apartment. This eliminates clutter and opens up space at the same time! What’s more, if you outfit a ceiling to floor shelf in your room, it instantly makes the space feel grander and larger.

A similar thing can be said for having raised platforms within a room as well. A quick glance at the floor plans above shows you that 4-room HDBs are traditionally square and angular in build, which can make your home feel compact and one dimensional. Adding raised platforms creates layers within a room, creating more dimension and intrigue, making the room look and feel that much more impressive.

Add a walk-in closet without overwhelming your room

Possibly ever woman’s dream is to have a walk-in wardrobe. But most of us just assume that it’s impossible to achieve in a 4-room HDB. Yet, ask and you shall be given! Getting a walk-in wardrobe in your room isn’t as difficult as it sounds–it’s a matter of space allocation! For instance, you can get our designers to design a customised nook that blends in with the wall space in your room so that it doesn’t feel like the closet itself is taking up space.

Another charming layout possibility features a walk-in closet behind your bed, where the partition doubles as the headboard for your bed! This segments the bedroom into the sleeping quarters and closet area yet still renders the space larger in proportion. It also maintains a seamless flow in the bedroom, making it feel spacious.

Make the most out of the guest room.

On the other hand, if you’d rather have more space in your bedroom, and have a guestroom to spare, you can also turn that spare guest room into a multi-purpose room! Take this stylish and modern interior design that employs sleek elements to create an impressive walk-in wardrobe that doubles as a study! By doing this, you get the best of both worlds out of just one room!

Get that sink out of there

We spend nearly 60 hours a year in the shower, so it should also be one of your go-to places to destress and unwind after a long day of work. A bathroom with all the utilities such as the sink, shower and toilet may be too cramped in certain floor plans.

However, you can position your sink outside of your bathroom, like this modern Scandinavian home, creating more surface area in your bathroom as well as storage options both inside and outside. Now you don’t have to fight over the bathroom just to brush your teeth!

4-Room HDB Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to giving small apartments a big makeover, it’s all about being creative and resourceful. Our design team is experienced in taking unique ideas and creating unforgettable homes for our clients. So if you’d like some customised 4-room HDB interior design ideas for your very own home, contact us today at +65 63451730, or drop us an email at