Get Inspired by These 5 Landed Properties with Breathtaking Interior Design

Living in a landed property is like living in an interior designing dream: you own the land so you have free reign to go all out with refurbishments, and the biggest perk of them all – there is so much space!

So the question is: what do you do with this space? Do you go contemporary? Do you go vintage? What about minimalistic, eclectic, or modern? Incidentally, what’s the difference between contemporary and modern anyway?

Planning your landed property refurbishments is like planning your wedding day. You are working towards a goal that is meant to bring you immense joy, but soon you realise that planning perfection is a monumental task.

There is an abundance of interior designing tips and tricks specific to refurbishing landed properties. An interior designer knows these like the back of their hand and can help you create a functional, breathtaking design that is unique to your home.

To get you seriously inspired, here are 5 breathtaking landed property interior design ideas to check out before you get to work on your new home!


Minimalism has been making waves all across the internet lately for its frugality and thoughtful living. From Wabi-Sabi to more sleek and modern silhouettes,  the elegant and classic style has become an interior design style loved by many.

Minimalism, as the name suggests, adheres to the philosophy of “less is more”, which is what has made it so popular as an aesthetic and space-saving interior design solution for many smaller apartments in Singapore. So landed properties with minimalistic interior designs are unique in that you get so play with the vastness of space you have in order to create a grander, more open and serene atmosphere.

When bringing the minimalistic vibe to landed properties, homeowners also have more freedom in how to furnish their spaces. For instance, installing a chic statement art piece in the middle of the living area would enhance a room’s wow factor without breaking from the intended theme. This is only possible in landed properties because of the extra floor space that you enjoy as opposed to HDBs and condominiums. So if you’re someone who finds that having a clear space around you gives you a clear mind, then minimalism may be a style to consider for your home.



Often considered the antithesis of minimalism, eclecticism is about colour, vibrancy, contrast and embracing one’s individuality. Eclectic landed properties will mix elements from different time periods, textures, and colour palettes.

But don’t be fooled by its slapdash appearance! Eclectic designs have to be carefully constructed, usually featuring key elements that tie the look together, such as a certain colour or material. Think of it as an organised mess–emphasis on the organised.

Though this style is not easy to replicate, having experienced interior designers on hand to help you keep your eclectic look cohesive will help you nail this highly sought after style perfectly. With landed properties, you have the benefit of experimenting with different themes in each room, or creating a singular eclectic theme that flows through your home.

Since landed properties have more space, you can also play around with darker colours, that could otherwise make smaller homes look to compact and closed off. This opens so many opportunities to express your unique personality through colours, ornaments and even textures without worrying about overwhelming your space.


A popular design with the younger generation for its counter-conventional style is the industrial interior design which combines and contrasts stripped back finishings with modern furnishings, producing a tough, utilitarian yet sophisticated look.

The industrial interior design originated from converting abandoned warehouses into homes, so landed properties with this interior design have very distinctive characteristics that pay homage to the bare form of a building. Typically, they feature bare brick walls or exposed ceiling beams, and also they tend to be furnished in cool, often dark colours while raw, gritty material commonly found in a warehouse-like metal or iron or steel is used in the furniture.

 Another common characteristic of an industrial-inspired home is an open plan living concept because of its warehouse origins–which makes it the perfect interior design theme to bring to your open and spacious landed property. So if you’re a fan of open plan living, then this could be a good style to experiment with. Landed property and open plan living is a match made in heaven because it allows you to create an extremely versatile and customisable space.


Scandinavian interior design is all about simplicity, functionality, and warm, cosy touches.  Hailing from its Nordic origins, Scandinavian interior design is closely affiliated with nature which is why, you will find that homes with Scandinavian interior design will have bright, airy rooms with large clear windows that let tons of natural light in.

Rooms that feature a Scandinavian interior tend to feature neutral, soft tones that complement woody accents–which is the preferred material to work with when furnishing a Scandinavian themed home.

Another key aspect that distinguishes Scandinavian interior designs is the element of cosiness. Draping soft fabrics across a rugged surface or balancing angular shapes with softer, rounded ornaments brings out that comforting and inviting feel that Scandanavian interior is known for.

With landed properties, you have tons of windows, natural light and floor space to really elevate the Scandinavian interior design style and take it up another level. To tie it all together, consider unique wooden fix-ins and furniture to make the most of all the space your landed property gives you!


Now we come back to our burning question: what is the difference between contemporary and modern design? Modern interior design refers to the interior design that was popular during the 20th century: clean, sophisticated rooms with earthy hues, whereas contemporary interior design refers to what is popular right now.

If you live in a landed home, you have the perfect opportunity to play with the constantly evolving style of contemporary interior design. You have room to move things around, mix and match pieces and styles, play with height and proportions and so on. This is because landed properties give you more spacial freedom to change things up and keep your style constantly evolving!

 These days, contemporary homes still retain that sophisticated quality modern interior has, but now with darker hues are preferred, futuristic flourishes and art deco style furniture or decor that feature curvier and more experimental shapes.

Landed Property Interior Design in Singapore

So what are you waiting for? With your landed property, you’ve got an interior designer’s playground, that’s full of endless possibilities! To find one that understands your vision, and can help you bring your vision to life, contact our interior design team today at +65 63451730 today, or drop us an email at