I believe there is no contest when one says the past 3 years has been eye-opening for all. The coronavirus pandemic had shaken up and changed all that we know of, from social events to our very livelihood. Originally, many of us had been forced to work digitally and eventually, we were reluctant to return to an analog working life. Thus, came the idea of a hybrid working style. With that new creation, came the need for a company HQ… not head quarters, “Home” quarters! So, here are some study/ working room ideas that even we want personally.


Be more open!

We know it’s hard to be open, whether it’s with partners or superiors. And that’s why, be open and honest to yourself minimally! Add open shelving to your home office to add a sense of depth and height. Additionally, it grants you space to counter a small working table while still retaining that aesthetic look. A bonus pointer is… the open shelving tends to keep people neat, and who doesn’t need that subconscious reminder?




Characterised colour

Never shy away from colours in your working area. From displaying flowers to statement pieces, bursts of colour could always translate to bursts of creativity. We would recommend soothing greens to maximise your breaks between work but really, anything that you’re fond of will do. Besides, hand-crafted art pieces are a great conversation starter with guests.


Space-Saving specials

Spatial planning is critical to any place, especially in more modest homes. Having a full wall desk is great for minimising distractions while you work. It would save you both the trouble of having to manipulate around a normal working desk and visually leaves space uncluttered. For those with a lighter requirement for work, there are foldable work desks that can act as a display instead! We think it’s rather cool, isn’t it?



Escape for the eyes

Don’t overwork your eyes for work, let them rest too! For those blessed with a view, consider placing your work desk 90 degrees away from a window. The angle away from the window prevents excessive sunlight in your eyes while not directly positioned to the view prevents unwanted distraction. Just by turning your head, you’ll get glorious morning sunrises to gorgeous night-time skylines. Pacing yourself and giving yourself time to take everything in is bound to boost motivation and productivity.




Dynamic duality

Adapting to spatial constrains means not confining items to having one singular purpose. We trust that everyone loves a one-for-one deal, and the great news is that your study desk can always double up as something else. Take the photo below for example, while the desk is beautifully integrated in the living room as a study desk, it can always be cleared and act as a dining table too.

Not to brag…. But our company has also adapted to WFH schedules you may have. We now do zoom calls for clients that prefer so. Spark off your renovation journey by giving our team a call at +65 63451730 today, or drop us an email at info@ipoisedesign.com.