There are lots of things people who live in houses of glass need to know… And it isn’t just about not throwing stones!
Glass adds a touch of opulence into homes, accentuates spaciousness while allowing light to flow beautifully into the house. With the advancement in technology, frailness of glass is no longer a problem. There’s even a plethora of glass these days, with tempered glass, crystal glass and laminated glass being the most sought after.
So, let’s delve right into the world of glass and how it may just be the one for you!


1. Glass partitions

Glass partitions seem to be the à la mode now and for good reason! With the pandemic rendering many of us cooped up and working from home, glass partitions that separate the living and study room offer us some semblance of freedom and space. The light that flows in seamlessly creates a peaceful ambience for work or studies.  

For that much needed de-stress, these partitions allow you to peep out at family and loved ones when work makes you tick. Of course, for those that value privacy, blackout blinds can be easily installed.


  However, glass partitions are not limited to only study rooms but also kitchens and even bedrooms!


2. Use Textured glass

 Textured glass surfaces allow the light to bounce and create fascinating glares and shimmers, adding a flare of elegance and mystery to your space. In particular, textured glass acts as a screen of secrecy, yet doesn’t compromise diffusion of nature light. This trait can be capitalized upon by using them at partitions, decorative dividers and even kitchen cabinets!




3. Glass kitchen cabinets doors

Want something ergonomic, practical yet out of the ordinary? Glassed kitchen cabinets are a perfect way to break out of the monotony. They give the place a fresh, bright feel that can bring out the best of your kitchen and elevate your mood whilst cooking. They walk the fine line between form and function, allowing you to both access and admire your perfect pieces of enamelware. Not to mention, they are various choices of glass when it comes to them.


4. Glass display cabinets

Storage is like that one popular friend of yours that you wished you could meet more. It’s always welcomed in homes and a glass display is a great way to get some without feeling claustrophobic. They’re highly versatile- from some used to display precious china to keeping knick knacks and trinkets. It comes as no surprise that there are a variety of displays to choose from, some with integrated lighting to draw attention to your collector items that create ambience and some with internal storage to squirrel away your treasures.



5. Glass decorations

Straying from your run of the mill art pieces, glass decorations are sure to awe you. They showcase the artists’ individual skill and reflects their attitudes through the strenuous process of melding glass. These pieces aren’t restricted to only decorative pieces but can serve practical purposes. Ornamental bowls, wonderous votives, unique sculptures, or paintings on glass are all considered glass pieces that adds zing to your house.


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