4 Stylish & Space-Saving Ideas for your Condo Interior Design

Refurbishing your condominium is a balancing act. On the one hand, similar to living in a Singaporean HDB flat you have a restricted amount of space to work with, but on the other hand, you do have greater liberty to personalise your home like you could with landed properties.

At times, finding the space to fit all your necessities into your small condo and still keeping that catalogue-worthy interior intact can feel like an impossible balancing act. But here is the silver lining: have there ever been a group of people on earth who know more about making the most out of small spaces than Singaporeans?

To get you inspired, and to show you just how much potential your home really has, here are some stylish and space-saving small condo interior design ideas that we’ve helped our clients to achieve in their very own homes!

Hide Everything You Can

Location: Oasis Garden

When working with a small space, using a light colour palette is often recommended as the brightness and airiness make the space look larger than it is. However, this client had a clear vision of their home’s colour palette in mind and was set on a dark and regal theme.

So to counterbalance the bold décor and deep, rich hues that were peppered around this condo, our designers gave the condo the semblance of minimal furniture by installing built-in and concealed storage spaces.

The open spaces this created perfectly balance the statement colours, prints and embellishments that our client had, making sure that any part of the condo doesn’t feel closed-off and tight.

Take a look at the hidden shoe cabinet that also features a vermillion wall painting, here you get functionality, while also having a floor-to-wall statement piece all in one small walkway. By keeping the cabinet hidden you save space without losing any of that visual impact!

Keep it lifted

Location: Modena Condo

The main challenge when furbishing a small space is making it look larger than it is. A clever way to achieve this effect is by fixing furniture off the ground. For this elegant condo, our designers mounted decor pieces of different shapes and sizes onto the walls and built a wooden storage cabinet that’s elevated to resemble part of the entryway. With both decor and functional furniture elevated, we free up a lot of floor space, making the whole condo feel extremely spacious.

To complement this elevated interior design, we brought in furniture with slim legs to give the semblance of hovering above the ground. Uncluttering the floor gives the illusion of spaciousness while providing additional storage space underneath the hovering furniture if the client ever so required.

To open up the space even further, we installed bright LED lights along some of the furniture and chose a cream-based colour palette, as well as light wood grain carpentry to fulfil the client’s adoration for Scandinavian design.

Build High

Location: Bukit Timah

Living in a condo doesn’t mean you need to become a minimalist to save space. With a good interior designer, finding room for your six-foot tall Terracotta Warrior statue inside your modest Singaporean condominium will be a piece of cake.

The client who owns this condo wanted a strong oriental theme to be present in their home, while also mixing in touches of modern design. Oriental furnishings are known for their opulence and size, so we had to find a way to spread these pieces evenly throughout the house without overwhelming any of the areas in the condo.

To save space and add to the grand, oriental theme, we built custom shelves and furnishings throughout the home that reached from the floor to the ceiling. By building major fixtures high, or even smaller ones that add up to create a floor to ceiling effect–like with the area we created for the wine fridges and mounted glasses–it makes a compact space feel grandiose because it draws the eye as high as it possibly can within a given space.

Play with Perception

Location: District 15

Are you someone who feels the whole Marie Kondo thing is not for you, but you still want your home to at least feel uncluttered? The client of this quirky condo wanted to prioritise style over space. To fulfil the stylistic desires of our client, and also ensure their home remained a comfortable and practical living space, our designers used colour to play with the perception of size.

We began by giving the condo a space-themed makeover as the client wanted a home that was unique, planting unconventionally-shaped and metal designer furnishings throughout the house to enhance the futuristic theme without overwhelming the space.

Then we used colour to bring out different moods from room to room, bringing the most out of this small condo apartment! We furnished the living room white to produce a perception of spaciousness, but we gradually darkened the colour palette as we progressed from there. For instance, the bathrooms are a great contrast, with a mostly black-on-black theme peppered with warm, bright accent colours to bring light and break up the monotony of the overall colour, making it sleek, stylish and inviting at the same time.

Condo Interior Design Singapore

Our experienced team of designers are experts in providing our clients with space-saving solutions–after all, we do live in Singapore. But our small condo interior design ideas don’t just stop there, we want to help you make your design dreams a reality, no matter how maximalist and grand they may seem! To get started on your dream home, give our team a call at +65 63451730 today, or drop us an email at info@ipoisedesign.com.