Starting off with a banger, we sure hope no one is lactose intolerance because here comes a cheesy line. “Teamwork makes the dream work”. This applies to most relationships, including one with your Interior Designer. With our homes being someplace we hold close; it can feel daunting finding a designer who you trust with your home. What if they force a style on you? How much should you be paying? How do you say you don’t like something without feeling rude?

We’ve compiled this in-depth guide to show you how to work with an interior designer, from the different stages of a project to approximate costs, and how to get the most from your working relationship.

Why hire an interior designer?

Interior designers work with your space and layout to ensure a cohesive flow that works for your lifestyle and habits. You can think of it like visiting the doctors, apart from the lack of a lollipop after. As professionals, they look at the function of the space and make sure a room is being used to its maximum potential. You are paying for their time, eye, experience and contacts. You may have a clear vision for your home, but an interior designer can help you bring it to life while making sure it satisfies nitty-gritty considerations such as space planning and functionality.





How do you find the right fit?

Now comes the all-time big question. How do you find the one? Our answer: make sure they fit the bill. Not just any bill, your bill.  Be sure the designer is a good match for your style. No two clients are alike, and good interior designers are versatile enough to hop from urban pied-à-terre to minimalistic Japandi to rustic Wabi Sabi without missing a beat.

Most designers do have a fundamental aesthetic that remains consistent throughout their work. When meeting designers, ask them about their design approach, and look for overlaps between their previous work and the design you want. In any situation, being with the other party should feel comfortable.






When should you contact an Interior Designer?

The ideal time to contact an Interior Designer is approximately 2-3 months before your confirmed key collection date or 6-8 months before your desired completion date.

What’s next?

With us, we have 4 main stages in designing your home which can be seen here. But as far as timing goes, our stages span across about 6-8 weeks (based on scope) before we can start works after confirmation with you. We dedicate this time to developing your space plans, design concepts, and specifying all design elements. Before starting works, we have to place orders and wait for items to arrive. Custom pieces like sofas in a specific upholstery, or window treatments with custom fabrics and trims, all need time to be constructed and shipped, which factors into the overall timeline.




How much do Interior Designers charge?

Saving the best for last, pricing is probably your biggest burning question. While there are typically different methods of billing, the 2 most common are that either the designer charges an hourly fee or charges you the retail price for merchandise and takes the upcharge as the fee. At i.Poise Design, we follow the latter billing method. But freight not, our quotation has a detailed breakdown of all good pricings which we call ‘ala cart’, allowing you to pick and choose what to keep staying within your budget.

All Interior designers can work with different budgets and help you get the most out of what you have to spend. Some interior designers might be happy to consult on your project for a couple of hours and then armed with these ideas you could tackle the job yourself.

For those who have never hired an interior designer before, the idea of doing so can feel out of reach, but it doesn’t need to be. Our welcoming team at i.Poise Design is more than willing to help you out. Contact us today via our Contact Us page, at our main line +65 63451730 or speak to our creative directors directly at +65 97386690 (Alicia)/+65 81234411 (Eugene) today!