Because of a growing family, need for renovating our current house - 4A HDB, came up and after careful consideration and going through many ID's, we finalized to go with I.Poise Design. Main reason was their space planning based on our requirements which was just out of the box, not usual template and cleared all our check boxes. We wanted modern contemporary theme with more of a simplistic touch and a smart home. The designing part was up to the mark. Since beginning, Nicole and Eugene have been there to hear us out at every stage and worked on it. Nicole accompanied us wherever possible for selections. She also helped with our shopping for styling in making correct choices. As a designer her ideas and visions are commendable. Edward as contractor was amazingly helpful. Regular updates on on-going works were given by him. They all were patient in listening to our inputs on work done and were able to sort out any concerns/changes that we had on time. Transparency and trust goes long way. We were able to get that from them in the form of clear terms and conditions. Materials and quality of work is good. It just went slightly over budget for us as our HDB is old, after checking electrician came to conclusion that we needed rewiring and we hadn't considered that part earlier. Finally we were able to get our dream home ready, in our case before the decided timeline. We are quite happy with the outcome and don't think it would have been any better. Would highly recommend them if you are looking for more creative ideas.
Helen Nguyen
Helen Nguyen
Ipoise was amazing! we came to them with a rough plan of what we needed in a Physio clinic and they came up with a design better than what we could have imagined. They were flexible in changing the design as our plans changed. What we loved about them was their creativity & design, how responsive they were, and how easy they were to work with throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend & work with them again.
Roger Ong
Roger Ong
Cooling Place!!!
Gerald Tay
Gerald Tay
Eugene is a responsible designer with excellent taste and amazing ideas. He assisted us with lighting and décor and created our home in an industrial style. We have completed our last payment, and he continues to assist us whenever we have issues. Thank you Eugene for your excellent post-sale help!
Jasmin tan
Jasmin tan
Great experience with their patient and understanding designers. Through out my renovation process, they've been attentive to my requests and have delivered a great outcome!
Saravanan Sutty
Saravanan Sutty
We engaged iPoise to renovate our 20+ year old residence. From the moment the team entered to do a site survey to propose the interior design and till the handover we had experienced a very positive and professional working relationship. Their ideas were great. Their proposals to choose materials were really professional. They did explain why some of the areas of the house need to be catered with high quality materials, e.g. kitchen tabletops, bathrooms, etc. The team was very accommodative, flexible and transparent throughout the renovation period. They were prompt in communicating all good news and even bad news if there were any. They were very quick in coming up with alternative proposals when needed. Even in the COVID 19 pandemic period, they managed the project safe and well and completed as per to the planned schedule. Their post renovation services are also commendable and prompt. They receive feedback well and act on them promptly. I would happily recommend iPoise for quality ID & renovation work. Thanks Alicia, Eugene, Edward and Nicole for the pleasant renovation experience.
I definitely received 5 star service from iPoise team! Post renovation follow- up is just as good. iPoise built a great home for me. I am delighted with the transformation. I would not hesitate at all to recommend them.
Eugene Soo
Eugene Soo
i.Poise, Alicia Koh and her team – Nadia and Edward. I want to give a shout-out to them in the entire process. They were very tight and experienced in the works, from coordination and updating to actual execution. The whole experience was very smooth. In the period where the renovation was being carried out, I was swarmed with tonnes of work and was not able to visit the site very much. However, I had the assurance from Alicia and her team and truly they delivered whatever was discussed and agreed upon. Really a 5-star service from them! Will strongly recommend iPoise to those who want a reliable and trustworthy interior designer/contractor! Thank you Alicia, Nadia and Edward for your delivering the works well and on time!
Thordy Yan Lin
Thordy Yan Lin
Engaged iPoise's services a while back to renovate my parents' home. Overall, extremely smooth and pleasant experience. Eugene and his team were amiable and super professional. Definitely will recommend to others and look forward to engaging them again for my own home in the future!

Wrong material used to tile the floor? Kitchen cabinet not installed properly? Nobody to supervise the work on site frequently? Unable to get your house on time? All these problems would not happen if you have a trusted interior designer with you. With 15 years of experience, we know what will go wrong and more importantly, what will make the renovation process a smooth one.



Open kitchen, walk-in storage, and built-in wardrobe… all these in a 3-room HDB flat? It’s possible! We did it for this 3-room (Improved) HDB flat at Marine Drive Gardens. Some walls were hacked and a drop-in area at the main entrance was created to put shoes. The owner requested for his bedroom door to be concealed. How did we do it? Not by magic of course (we wish we could). We replaced it with chalkboard material door. Now, where’s the bedroom?


This 3-room (Improved) HDB apartment at Holland Drive has been designed to suit the contemporary lifestyle of a working adult. Finding the time to eat dinner, watch TV or read a book after a day of work? We created the space to do all of them. The usual sofa has been replaced by the dining table. And a platform has been added at a corner of the house. The owner can now eat while watching TV, or relax at the cozy corner after a long day of work.


A futuristic theme house in Singapore? Only at Katong Garden. The space was renovated with walls that resemble origami. We went one step further and styled the house with sleek-looking furniture. Singaporeans often don’t know, but what turns a house into a home is not just the interior design of the space but also the furniture within it. In fact, the space-ship looking table by Timothy Oulton is made up of real aeroplane metal. How cool is that?



You can’t wait forever to move into your new home. And we can’t wait to see your excitement with the design. Our typical timeline for a full renovation project spans 3 to 12 weeks at most. Once agreed, we make it a point to deliver. Even when small changes are required along the way, we will still hand over your home to you on time.


While we don’t claim to be the cheapest, we are one of the most transparent. It is our practice to lay out everything before signing contract, including cost for electrical re-wiring, walls hacking, doors painting etc. We make it a point to provide final pricing upfront so there are no hidden costs or surprises along the way.

Full of Ideas

Not an interior designer? No problem. Pre-renovation, we share the coolest design ideas from both aesthetic and functional standpoints. Full kitchen wall tiling is so 80s, you deserve something better. The best ideas come from discussions. We would love to hear what you have in mind and see how to build on it!

Full Warranty

The journey doesn’t end when we hand over the keys. We are one of the few firms in Singapore that provides a warranty on our work. We follow up with you post-renovation to affirm the quality of our workmanship. Our warranty period varies on the type of work and stretches up to 1 year.


Let us go through your design requirements and discuss the themes you’re into. Soak up our 17 years of design and project management experience.

In the unlikely and unprecedented event that you feel like you wasted your time or feel like we are using hard-sell tactics to pressure you, let us know and we will give you $50 taka voucher as payment immediately. No questions asked. Your time is your most valuable asset you have, and we respect that.






We had a very tight window to move in but Alicia was able to manage the timelines well. She was also able to add in the extra storage without compromising the design and space of the rooms.


Alicia did such a wonderful job with the design of our home. We loved every part of our house which she had designed. But the highlight was the princess room for our daughters. We could only imagine the look and feel of it in our minds and described it to Alicia. But Alicia managed to catch exactly what we had in mind and the culmination of her choice of furniture, curtains, paint colour and fabrication of an exquisite bookshelf really brought to life what we had originally envisaged – a truly “princessy” room for our girls and their friends to play and hide in all day long. We were truly very impressed with her creativity, skill and taste to say the least.


We appreciate the fact that Alicia makes the effort to really understand our requirements. At the same time, she’d give practical solutions that help us keep within our budget. Alicia has a great sense of colour coordination and visualization so she was able to help us achieve a beautiful end result that suits our taste. Alicia also helped to give us recommendations on furniture choices and even sourced for interesting pieces for us that will fit our home design. We also take comfort that she works with integrity and responsibility. That gives us a peace of mind to know that our home is in good hands and that the finished product is of the best quality.




Interior Design Consultancy

Colour & Material Proposal

Renovation Works

HDB/MCST Renovation Permits

Site Co-ordination & Supervision

Interior Decoration & Styling

“Design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically, or emotionally.”
– Robin Siegerman–


The establishment of i.Poise Design was the fulfillment of a life-long dream for this passionate designer. She started designing the interiors of her friends for free and gave advice and consultations without anything in return. Eventually her passion and dedication earned her the opportunity to work with potential clients and she plunged into it without hesitation. I.Poise Design was thus born. Alicia’s passion has bloomed into a successful business that is now in its 17th year. Alicia is also one of the rare few females in an industry dominated by men.


As experienced project managers, we keep an eye on the ongoing renovation and update you on the progress every 2-3 days. We set up a Whatsapp group with everyone involved and send updates of pictures and messages to ensure everything is on the right track.

In order to help you save costs, we only work with specialists in each area of renovation such as carpentry, air-conditioning, painting etc. Having been in the industry for more than 15 years, we are certain that our contractors are the best in their respective areas.

Through relentless monitoring and structured project management. We go on-site every week to ensure that everything is going as per our project management schedule.

You should all the more work with us! We can help to optimize your place through innovative fixtures to create more space. Whether it be full hacking, walk-in wardrobes or other ideas, we have our ways!

Modern, contemporary and Scandinavian are some of our favorites. However, we have no issues tailoring to your needs and coming out with new styles.

Renovation can cost anywhere from $15k onwards depending on the extent of hacking and the size of your flat. Our rates are highly competitive in the market. In fact, we encourage you to get a few quotes prior to our meetup for comparison and review purposes.

Contractors that do not provide design and project management services would supposedly charge lesser. A word of caution, beware of contractors claiming to be interior designers and “waiving” off design fees. Working with only contractors come with its own set of risks. It may translate into higher costs or in severe cases, having to redo the project.  You heard enough horror stories.

We take pride in going beyond the extra mile for our customers. One of the value-added services we provide is in sourcing for furniture.  This gives the finishing touch to the home that fits into the entire design theme.

Besides just the design, a renovation project’s success greatly depends on good project management practices. Our team of reliable contractors not only provides quality workmanship, they are highly cost-effective. The project may end up cheaper than if you engage unknown contractors to work on your home.

You are building your dream home, a place you’ll be staying in for the next few years, if not decades. To make this dream home come true, you’ll need someone who can truly understand your every need and is able to translate that into a non-boring yet functional home you’ll want to return to.

That’s why we’re offering a free 2D design layout (worth $150) to show you exactly how we plan to make full use of your home’s interior space to enhance your living!

With the design layout, you’ll get to see our ideas for:

  • The type and amount of furnishing used such as lighting, furniture and carpets
  • Where furniture and decorative accessories will be placed and in which direction they’ll face
  • The type and amount of carpentry to be built
  • The choice of tiles and flooring

And how that all add up to a comfortable and efficient home.
To get your customised design layout and quote at no obligation and no costs, simply fill in the form.

Sample of free design layout:

For the quality you get, our prices are one of the most competitive. We are so confident that we encourage you to compare a few quotes. Fill in the form with your requirements and we will provide you with a free initial design and quote as indicative as possible, with no hidden costs down the road.