Have you ever scrolled through social media for interior design inspiration and find yourself liking almost everything? Perhaps you’d want them ALL to be replicated into your new home but find it difficult to piece them together seamlessly.

After all, there are just too many elements to think about – the space planning, colour coordination, type of furniture, practicality of the designs, how to bring natural light into the house etc.

More importantly, trends will come and go. How do you ensure that the design of your home is not just Pinterest-worthy, but also practical and appeal to your own preferences (which will never go out of style)?

This is why at iPoise, we take pride in understanding your requirements in every aspect, making sure all our recommendations are useful and relevant to you. Whether its bringing to life the pieces of ideas you’ve originally envisaged, or coming up with creative solutions to maximise space, or keeping to a tight timeline, we got it covered for you.

But don’t take our word for it, here are some home owners we’ve helped:



Open kitchen, walk-in storage, and built-in wardrobe… all these in a 3-room HDB flat? It’s possible! We did it for this 3-room (Improved) HDB flat at Marine Drive Gardens. Some walls were hacked and a drop-in area at the main entrance was created to put shoes. The owner requested for his bedroom door to be concealed. How did we do it? Not by magic of course (we wish we could). We replaced it with chalkboard material door. Now, where’s the bedroom?


This 3-room (Improved) HDB apartment at Holland Drive has been designed to suit the contemporary lifestyle of a working adult. Finding the time to eat dinner, watch TV or read a book after a day of work? We created the space to do all of them. The usual sofa has been replaced by the dining table. And a platform has been added at a corner of the house. The owner can now eat while watching TV, or relax at the cozy corner after a long day of work.


A futuristic theme house in Singapore? Only at Katong Garden. The space was renovated with walls that resemble origami. We went one step further and styled the house with sleek-looking furniture. Singaporeans often don’t know, but what turns a house into a home is not just the interior design of the space but also the furniture within it. In fact, the space-ship looking table by Timothy Oulton is made up of real aeroplane metal. How cool is that?


It’s All About You

Get design solutions that not just reflect your most refined tastes, but also your lifestyle. We take a deep dive into your lifestyle to create the most comfortable and functional spaces. Whether you have pets, growing children or special hobbies, we got it all planned out for you.

Out-of-the-box Ideas

Looking to maximize every millimeter of space by having a hidden shoe cabinet that is also a feature wall painting? Or maybe you want a spacious and welcoming home but feel restrained by the layout of your home? Don’t worry, we’ve been there, solved that. The best ideas come from discussions. We would love to hear what you have in mind and see how to build on it!

Transparent Pricing

While we don’t claim to be the cheapest, we are one of the most transparent. It is our practice to lay out everything before signing a contract and make it a point to provide final pricing upfront so there are no hidden costs or surprises along the way.






iPoise did such a wonderful job with the design of our home. We loved every part of our house which our designer had designed. But the highlight was the princess room for our daughters. We could only imagine the look and feel of it in our minds and described it to her. But she managed to catch exactly what we had in mind and the culmination of her choice of furniture, curtains, paint colour and fabrication of an exquisite bookshelf really brought to life what we had originally envisaged – a truly “princessy” room for our girls and their friends to play and hide in all day long. We were truly very impressed with her creativity, skill and taste to say the least.


We appreciate the fact that our designer makes the effort to really understand our requirements. At the same time, she’d give practical solutions that help to maximize the space of our home. She has a great sense of colour coordination and visualization so she was able to help us achieve a beautiful end result that suits our taste. She also helped to give us recommendations on furniture choices and even sourced for interesting pieces for us that will fit our home design. We also take comfort that she works with integrity and responsibility. That gives us a peace of mind to know that our home is in good hands.




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“Design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically, or emotionally.”

– Robin Siegerman

Our Story

In order for a project to be successful, you need to find a like-minded team that can understand your needs, and whose body of work reflects your own personal style. We take great pride in providing an interior design service that is personalised and comfortable for you. As a multidisciplinary team consisting of experienced and talented designers and project coordinators, we provide a comprehensive service that allows us to undertake and seamlessly deliver on ambitious and prestigious design projects.

Our carefully-assembled team of worldwide artisans and designers have been selected through rigorous interviews and case interviews, ensuring that they are well-adept at carrying out our designs to our high levels of precision, quality, and care.


You should all the more work with us! We can help to optimize your place through innovative fixtures to create more space. Whether it be removing of walls, walk-in wardrobes or other ideas, we have our ways!

Modern, Contemporary and Minimal are some of our favourites. However, we have no issues tailoring to your needs and coming out with new styles.

We take pride in going beyond the extra mile for our customers. One of the value-added services we provide is in sourcing for furniture. This gives the finishing touch to the home that fits into the entire design theme.

You are building your dream home, a place you’ll be staying in for the next few years, if not decades. To make this dream home come true, you’ll need someone who can truly understand your every need and is able to translate that into a non-boring yet functional home you’ll want to return to.

That’s why we’re offering a phone consultation to understand your requirements and let you know how we plan to make full use of your home’s interior space to enhance your living!

You’ll get to know our ideas for:

  • Potential creative solutions to maximize space
  • How to bring to life the design preferences you have in mind
  • How to infuse interior design seamlessly with your lifestyle

And how that all add up to a comfortable and efficient home.
To get your design consultation at no obligation, simply fill in the form.