Modern revival of the kitchen? – Best kitchen designs for 2022

Portrayed in innumerable movies, evidenced in crumbling castle ruins. The kitchen had always been hidden in the back of the house, seen only as a place for meals to be prepared, pilling with dirty dishes. It would astound those that lived decades ago if they ever heard of the kitchen being the focal point of the home- the one place that everyone gathers at, parading in all its beauty and warmth, drawing energy for a long day.

Today’s reclaimed kitchen combines function, aesthetic and technology like a dream. Essentially, a successful kitchen design consists of many elements, from layouts to appliances, it can truly become the heart of your home.

Keep scrolling for some interesting kitchen ideas that may just inspire your next renovation.


Using two tones

The tastefully matched wood and white cabinets in this kitchen makes us envy the owner. Varied tones and texture add interest to the cool white walls. The hanging lights, a subtle fun element, and arched door to the pantry that seemingly invites us in.








Create A Chalkboard wall

A win for the home chefs and parents! A chalkboard wall is the undisputedly the most amusing way to show off your weekend brunch menu. Plus, now you don’t have to worry about your kids drawing on the walls. Isn’t this just so Instagram- worthy?






Adding a table extension

Embrace the height difference! Island tables are great if you are looking to incorporate breakfast bar seating, an area for pre-dinner drinks, or an informal dining area for the whole family to eat together. Depending on the size of the space, there are many different design options that look great and work well practically.






Switch up Your Backsplash  











Backsplash isn’t taking a backseat anymore. There are many ways to elevate your kitchen and the backsplash is one of them. As seen in the photos, different kinds of tiles can make for a striking kitchen backsplash. Whether you prefer the dynamic, full of texture, glossier finish or the white-tiled walls set in a geometric bond pattern that has graphic impact, the backsplash is no longer condemned to normality.

Home bars

In the recent years, our homes have not only been our sanctuary, but also our main entertaining hub. As social events at home have become more of a regular thing, the demand for kitchen designs that include a home bar or drinks area have been in an upturn. Perhaps, you can “pick up” a familiar hottie at this bar too








Metallic accenting

There’s nothing quite like metallic materials to make your interiors pop. With us spending more time at home, we’re perhaps adding a touch of hotel-decadence or luxury to our properties.









Play with lighting

Growing up, I’m sure parents have always told you not to play with fire. Well, slick LED light designs are “Fire” too! Lighting is an important factor for setting up mood, ambiance and everything in between.








And that’s a wrap for top kitchen ideas that may just be the muse for your next kitchen renovation. If you’ve seen something you like or you have more questions with regards to fresh and new kitchen interior design in Singapore, feel free to contact us at +65 63451730 today or leave us a message at