What You Need to Know About Interior Design in Singapore

When you think about interior design, you imagine beautiful homes, curated decor, and coordinated themes. But what exact parts of interior design bring that about? Well interior design, unlike interior styling, combines both creativity and technical solutions.

Interior design is about the art of creating spaces that meet both our emotional and functional needs, be it at home, or in an office or commercial setting. In order to do this, interior designers follow a systematic procedure that includes research, putting together your home’s overall concept, picking out your home’s details and flourishes, planning and scheduling of project timelines, and styling as well.

Technical know-how is what sets the interior design process apart from styling, and that’s because you want to be assured that the beautiful space you’ve built stands the test of time, and of course, because safety comes first!

Home vs Commercial Interior Design

As each name suggests, home interior design focuses on living spaces, whereas commercial interior design, on the other hand, touches on multiple types of structures such as offices, shops, malls, bars, hotels and so on.

Home Interior Design

When it comes to home interior design, we look at bringing out the personality traits of our clients, as well as creating a space that is comfortable and inviting. Each home is as unique as the homeowners that live in them, so from the stage of conceptualisation to the point we hand over the keys, we need to work closely with our clients to ensure that their homes are designed to meet their lifestyle needs, preferences and tastes, all while meeting safety standards as well!

Another thing we take into account is the amount of space available with each type of home we design. The following are examples of the typical homes we work on in Singapore:

HDB Flats

When crafting interior designs for HDB flats, we don’t just look at space-saving solutions. Our interior designs are put together to elevate your home and take it to places you never thought it could go.

For instance, we help our clients create themes and introduce different materials, textures, colours and elements that instantly adds a personal and unique flair to your otherwise run of the mill apartment.

Interior design brings structural and decorative elements together to give even the smallest apartment spaces, big personalities. By helping our clients build custom fixtures, storage and decor, our interior design solutions are even able to bring out the spacious and stylish air of a private condominium!


The major perk about condominiums, though also somewhat limited in size, is that you have a lot more freedom to make bigger renovations and changes to your home because they’re private apartments!

Converting rooms and knocking down walls is a lot easier, which means the possibilities you have to transform your space are much greater. Creating entertainment spaces, customised walk-in wardrobes, or a home office are all great and practical ideas that you can achieve with your condominium.

Landed Property

When working with landed property, it’s more about being as creative and innovative as possible! With a lot more space to work with, our interior design team focuses on creating a seamless, unique and stylish theme throughout your home.

Creating large-scale fixtures, or sourcing for some statement home decor are just some things that we help our clients with when creating a truly memorable, and inviting home that your visitors will be sure to remember.

We encourage our clients to bring their own unique touch to their homes, be it through colours, themes or specific fixtures, and with the amount of space landed properties enjoy, experimenting with more eclectic, bold and eye-catching designs becomes an extremely exciting project!

Commercial Interior Design

As we mentioned earlier, commercial interior design is much more varied than home interior designs, and as such can potentially have more requirements to meet. For instance, interior design for offices may need to take into account corporate identities, strategic design for efficiency, areas for breaks, mingling, and so on.

Office designs will also greatly vary depending on the type of work each office carries out. For instance, a design firm’s may have more flamboyant and casual interiors while an accountancy firm may reflect a more corporate and formal setting.

Whereas the interior design for a hotel lobby or bar would be more focused on creating a warm and inviting ambience, ensuring there is sufficient room for people to move throughout, while also taking into account branding and identity as well.

Interior Design Singapore

From offices to your humble abodes, our designers are experienced in helping you create exactly what you want and need, from conceptualisation all the way till we handover your new space! So contact our interior design team to get started today!