Everything You Need to Know About Interior Styling in Singapore

If your idea of a dream home is something out of a magazine, movie or your Pinterest inspiration boards, then it’s time to get in touch with an interior designer. Just think of interior designers as your home decor heroes when it comes to styling your interiors. From space planning to the final flourishes, here’s the low down on what interior styling is, and how it can transform your environment!

What is Interior Styling?

Much like fashion styling, the act interior styling is like dressing up your space. Good interior styling should make a room feel more comfortable to be in while expressing something about you and your tastes.

This can include choosing furniture, pairing colours and textures for each room, finding lighting and storage solutions and of course, helping you pick out statement pieces and central decor for your space.

Interior Styling Challenges in Singapore

A major challenge many people face when trying to style their interiors is finding a balance between making a space functional for everyday use and trying to achieve the picture-perfect image of their dream home.

In a recent survey conducted in 2018, Singaporeans identified storage, lighting a space as their 3 major concerns when styling their homes. So addressing this can especially difficult for many Singaporeans because our HDBs give us a pretty limited amount of space to work with.

Interior Styling

With the help of an interior designer, many will be surprised that any challenges or worries they have about achieving their dream homes are solved easily and, of course, stylishly!

With professional interior styling, small apartments can feel and look much more spacious than they actually are. At the same time, you’ll be able to design a theme, put together complementary colour schemes, and build custom solutions outfitted to make the most out of your unique space.

All the design and style elements within your environment should come together to enhance everyone’s experience. For instance, homes are made to feel cosier and more comfortable so you can unwind at the end of the day, while the interior styling of an office could be skewed more towards making people feel energised and for facilitating communication and productivity.

Popular Interior Styles in Singapore

With space and lighting as 2 major concerns Singaporeans have, it only makes sense that Minimalist and Scandanavian interior styles are the 2 most popular in Singapore right now.

A Minimalist interior style is mainly achieved by keeping to furnishings that are strictly functional while playing with shapes that are sleek and geometrical. In most cases, interior styles that employ a minimalist design keep to not more than two primary colours to tie the whole look together.

Scandinavian interior styling, on the other hand, is kind of an updated take on minimalism. It carries a lot of the same design principles such as using sleek shapes, soft and neutral hues while keeping things simple and functional.

The main difference between the two styles is the Scandanavian’s cosy accents that are often brought out by injecting contrasting textures into a room. This could be done by placing a soft rug against a sleek leather chair, or by pairing warm woody tones against a crisp white wall.

If simple and sleek isn’t your thing though, interior styles that have a vintage vibe, or an ethnic accent allow you to play with more colours and textures which will add a distinct flair to your interiors. This is especially great for making an impact, and leaving your visitors with a lasting memory of your home because it’ll be distinctly you!

Interior Styling Singapore

Styling your dream home can be an absolute breeze if you get the right help. So instead of busting your brain, you can contact our interior design team to help you bring your interior goals to life!