Project Description


ActiveX SG

Redefining the experience in a physiotherapy clinic by playing with lively colours.

ActiveX is a boutique physiotherapy clinic dedicated to delivering unparalleled care and service towards recovering clients. With their X-Factor being to empower clients in taking an active approach to their recovery, we aimed to make the clinic a welcoming and comfortable place for sessions.

Design Highlights:

While ActiveX boutique crafts rehabilitation plans that are tailored to their clients, we too, fashioned their logo into our design for them. With the ‘X’ of their brand logo being brilliant orange, we factored this into the colour scheme. Choosing a singular shade of vivid orange and imbuing it into different parts of the project lifts the whole clinic’s environment into someplace cheerier and peart. In contrast to the mainstream idea of straightening every wall, we chose to leverage on the original shape of the building space instead. By having a slanted wall, it guides our eyes to the entrance of the clinic, thus creating a more dynamic and inviting view. To remove the stigma of clinics being a drag to go to, we intentionally steered the design towards a comfortable and uplifting ambience for a pleasant recovery experience.

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