Bishan Street HDB

Full interior design, styling and renovations done to this HDB in Bishan.

Our philosophy in i.Poise is that if there is something that is 99% impossible to do, we will strive to make that 1% happen. In this 5 room HDB project, our clients have a great need for storage space and have long desired to extend their existing home into the access area that they were unsure if they could purchase from HDB due to their failed attempt with their previous interior designer many years back. When they came to us with this, our team refused to give up on their desire to extend their home area. We went to speak directly with HDB multiple times, did the necessary applications required and a few weeks later, we managed to make it happen for them with HDB!

Design Highlights:

Constantly keeping in mind our clients’ need for an abundance in storage space, practicality and clean look, our design team created the perfect design for them, balancing delicately between their requirements. We came up with several smart and hidden storage and blended them in with proposed off-the-shelf furniture to break the design, making the place look uncluttered and spacious.

Designed by:
Nadia Phuan & Team

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