Chinatown Point

Extensive renovation & styling works done to an office space located in Chinatown Point

A completely redesigned and renovated commercial space located in Chinatown Point. In this project, we were given the challenge to fully utilise a floor space of 2000 square feet to cater for over 70 employees as well as segmented office space for our client’s team of managerial personnel to be able to sit and work comfortably. Now that the project has since ended, we are proud reveal the sweet spot where design and practicality meets!

Design Highlights:

Our team designed this project with the intention of integrating fun and work in the office, making it a place where it’s employees would look forward to stepping foot in rather than dreading the daily clock-ins and outs. To do this, we have placed a British street-themed phone area for employees to contact their clients and also a hangout area in the pantry for tea breaks. As for the rest of the office, we have chosen it to have a simple yet tasteful white minimalist theme so as to not over power the long work stations.

We have also raised the managerial rooms to break out of the flat and typical rectangular office look. Doing this did not just benefit aesthetically, but in the pragmatic sense as well. Under the raised managerial rooms, we have built-in storage for the employees’ to rent should they require more space outside of their desks.

Finally, at the entrance area, we used a textured wallpaper to wrap up the walls there; creating a cozy yet feature area, highlighting the company’s logo as well as awards achieved by the company.

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