Dover Crescent HDB

100% full renovations and styling done to this 3 Room HDB in Dover Crescent.

Our client lived in Northern Europe for 4 years and grew completely fond of the design concepts there; of having large spaces, windows and a lot of light entering into the home. She mentioned that she would love it if we could bring over those concepts and implement them into our design for her new home. The challenge we faced here was that HDBs older than 15 years in general do not have such large windows, leaving us with very little elbowroom to explore our design. However with the right mix of design perseverance, the will to achieve new levels in our design standards and to bring our client’s dream home into reality, our design team came up with a concept that both produces the Northern European style but still fitting into our very common 3 Room HDB layout!

Design Highlights:

In this design, we have remodeled the entire layout of a typical 3 room HDB, and created our very own skylight within its confines. To do this, we have hacked down every possible wall there is in this home layout and rebuild everything from zilch. By using the large glass panels to replace the existing walls, we have both created an artificial skylight area and also an area for our client to grow the plants and greenery that she loves. This area would then be a link, joining the master bedroom, bathroom and the utility room. This area can also be accessed from the kitchen. With this design, we are proud to have brought spaciousness and light into a cramped 3 room HDB!

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Designed by:
Laura Garcia and Team