Dual-key concept HDB
From a single 5 room point block to virtually 2 houses in one!

The challenge for this HDB interior design project was treading the thin line of privacy and intimacy between 2 multi-generational families. Our design team pulled out all plugs in this extensively redesigned and renovated project. Enter the mind of our design team as this project showcases what truly is the interior design and styling!

Design Highlights:

In the “first house”, what seemed to be a clean, white minimalistic theme, actually is modern colonial! Playing with subtle yet impactful elements, the team imbued touches of rattan, chose special carpentry trimmings, and selected artful decorative pieces.

The next area seemingly teleports you to somewhere else entirely, it’s the Nordic theme! Originating from parts of Norway and inspired by the Vikings, there are many colors, with a focus on wood. Contrasting the pure whites of the other apartment, their main linking factor is the same tile used throughout. This gives a sense of unity amongst the 2 different themes and represents the harmony of a family.

Effort and ideas were poured relentlessly into this project as we struggled for it to stay within HDB guidelines yet be one of a kind.