Eugene’s Home
Transforming a typical 2 bedroom to a shocking 4 bedroom!

In this episode, we’re offering you a sneak into the life of our Managing Director, Eugene. Nestled by the coast of Singapore, Eugene’s own home draws inspiration from modern architecture, personal touches of his family and his extensive knowledge of different interior styles, materials, and luxurious finishes.

Design Highlights:

Starting off from ground zero and with full reign on the project, he was able to create his family´s dream home. From the living area with his signature hidden smart storages, to the splashes of color that accents earth tones – all elements were chosen in line with Eugene’s ethos of liveable luxury interiors that stand the test of time. In this space of 969 square feet, Eugene has shown his ability to transform a typical 2-bedroom condo into a shocking 4 rooms apartment! This is not the only “wow” factor. He has also tackled every parent’s struggle to balance between the need for storage with children but at the same time having space they need to play freely and safely.