Situated in one of the most strategic locations in Singapore, we completely renovated this 3 room HDB into a cozy and warm home.

Our client fell in love with our previous project in Marine Drive Garden and wanted her home to be similar. Our team took the aspects of the Marine Drive Project that she liked (spacious clean design) and incorporated fresh additions to better suit our client’s needs. These includes having a café styled open concept kitchen.

Design Highlights:

The client wanted a chic vanity area to be away from the bathroom hence our designers created an extra section from the kitchen in order to create this extra space. However, in order to fully maximise the space usage in the kitchen, this extra vanity area was specially measured such that the remaining space in the kitchen allows our client to keep large appliances such as her washing machine. At I.Poise Interior design we always strive to go beyond meeting our clients expectations, and this is what makes us an award winning interior design firm in Singapore.