i.Poise Design Studio

Welcome to our design studio!

As of January 2019, we have overgrown our previous design studio of 280sf and have moved to our new premise with an upgraded floor area of 1200sf and a mezzanine floor! We are thankful to all our clients that have been with us since 2002 and even in 2009 when we first registered in ACRA as a small team of interior designers in Singapore. We are proud to show you our new design studio!

Design Highlights:

What does an award winning interior design company in Singapore look like? On the first floor, we made the place more white dominant as this is the engine room where all of our staff and designers would work in and create their magic. For the mezzanine level, we designed the place to look more cozy to hold our weekly meetings that we call “huddle & cuddle”; where we discuss about everything that is going on in our teams and our projects, and also to carry out client presentations.

We would like to thank all our vendors & partners for sponsoring the workman and materials which were integral in bringing our studio to life! Namely our exclusive partner Consentino who sponsored all our surface and island tops, our carpenters and glass works vendor.