i.Poise Jewels

Design, renovations & space planning of our very own jewellery boutique.

For our very own jewellery boutique ran by our head designer and owner, Alicia’s husband, our team decided to go forward with a bold whimsical garden theme in order to complement & enhance the character and beauty of the handcrafted jewellery pieces.

Design Highlights:

Our design team chose a feature twin lion wallpaper as the boutique’s central wall. Likened to the king of the jungle, this is to signify the jewellery pieces in the boutique are fit for royalty. As for the main showcase, we played around with¬†fictitious branches, moss and grass to recreate a garden with the jewellery pieces as its flowers & fruits.

We recognise that proper lighting is essential for jewellery boutiques, therefore, our team ensured the entire boutique is well lit with a balanced mixture of cool white & yellow LED spotlights. In conjunction with all our feature designs and exclusive jewellery pieces, we chose to clad the rest of our walls with a more earth-toned wallpaper so that our patrons can focus on the main attraction – the jewellery.

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