Kim Tian HDB
A partial redesign, renovation and interior styling for our client who wanted to remake his HDB themed after the maximalist style. Check out our design here!

Our client came to our award winning interior design team, looking for a partial redesign, renovation and interior styling in a rather peculiar theme that is rarely seen in Singapore.  He wanted to remake his HDB into one themed after the maximalist style. A fun fact about this project is that while the client had initially renovated this place with the intention to rent it out upon completion of works. However, after seeing the final product, he decided to live in it himself!

Design Highlights:

Declaring a new age of opulence, a revival of colour-play and a new revelation of this decadent style, our design team took a mix of materials, textures and patterns, creating multiple layers to bring out a dynamic and multifaceted environment that is uplifting and revitalizing for our client.

The challenge here was to give the maxed-out interior design without the feel and look of messiness. The risk of doing a maximalist design in a HDB is that they are built in with particularly small and cramped spaces. Therefore, even though we were designing with a maximalist design in mind, decluttering was an essential part of the planning process. After all, maximalism should not chaotic when done right; it is a result of deliberately curated choices. Minimalist interiors have tranquility instilled into it, while maximalist ones emanate energy. In this project, our design team strived to do just that!

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