Legenda Condo

Extensive refurbishment to an elegant condominium in Singapore’s highly sought-after district 15.

Making use of the lush greenery that this apartment was blessed to be surrounded by, we wanted the whole concept to be a modern English villa. Hence, we have used black hardwood flooring to bring out the sophistication of the 19th century, as well as ornate mirrors and intricate designed dining chairs to complete this look. To ensure that the design lasts, we ensured that the materials used are water and moisture resistant as they are by the pool to achieve a luxurious design but with practical everyday considerations that ensures livable luxury for all our clients.

Design Highlights:

Our team designed this apartment with very simple colours and as one of our most valued quote “Details Determine Destiny”, we chose to bring out the uniqueness of the place by playing on the use of unique fixtures and furnishings such as using antique handles for wardrobes and cabinets, and mirrors and decorations.

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