Full refurbishing to this 3 room HDB apartment overlooking the beach of Singapore’s east coast.

Entrusted with designing an open plan kitchen/family room by the beachside, we created an Industrial Scandinavian concept. Taking inspiration from the holiday homes in the Nordic region, we used a play of white, black and gold with a light touch of brown and natural bricks imported from Sweden. This home design has won the first runner up for the Asia Pacific Design award and on feature in the Home & Décor magazine October 2016 edition.

Design Highlights:

In this project, the home owners specifically noted that they wanted a secret door that leads into their master bedroom. Therefore, we fabricated a solid wood black board feature door, concealing the entrance to the master bedroom perfectly. Our team had also maximized the storage in this limited area of 65 square meters, having multiple storage behind the television console and even a designated shoe area and shoe cabinet.

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