Modena Condo
Complete redesign, renovations & styling works done to a condo apartment in Modena in a modern Scandinavian theme.

Pulling together our clients’ love for the modern Scandinavian theme, we did an extensive redesign of colour schemes & space planning to bring alive their imagination into reality. In order for our projects to be a success, our design team do not want just to design a home to ‘fit the theme’ and look nice on pictures (though we feel they really do),  but also a home where its design has our clients’ input so that it will be a design that they personally love.

Design Highlights:

For this home, our clients have a immense love for cleanliness & tidiness. Therefore it was imperative in our space planning phase to ensure they get enough storage space but at the same time, not having the feeling of being cluttered in and surrounded by bulky carpentry. To achieve this, we have wall-mounted some sizable carpentry such as the shoe cabinets and then installing LED light strips at the bottom. Though a small detail, it opens up the feel of the place while not compromising on its storage space.

Mostly in other areas of our clients’ home, we matched together more white-based/cream coloured laminates with some light wood grain design to give it that tasteful Scandinavian atmosphere.

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