Punggol Central HDB

Redesign and renovation works done to an HDB located in Punggol Central.

For this project, our clients came to us requesting for a Muji themed home. This theme is mainly about being practical yet stylish. Like all homes in Singapore, space, storage and practicality plays a vital role in a successful design. Its spacious and finely chiseled features & aesthetics makes it ideal for Singapore’s compact spaces.

Design Highlights:

This home has various odd angles and corners. On top of this, our clients also requested to have an abundance in storage space. This was a challenge for us as the Muji theme as mentioned, is to be an airy and open design. However, it is never in our team’s spirit to give up. Using only 2 colours, namely wood and white, we re-created this Muji-themed home that meets all our clients’ space requirement but still maintaining the essence of our favourite Japanese label’s iconic design style.

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