Beyond White Walls: Exploring Bold Wall Ideas

When it comes to interior design, the walls are often overlooked as purely structure. But the truth is that walls serve as the foundation of any room and set the tone for the entire space. Think back. When was the last time you had anything other than paints or wallpapers? Bold wall treatments can turn [...]

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Hacks without hacking? You will love these ways of creating a sense of space in your home

In our little red dot, things are safe, secure and… small. HDBs, the pride of our government’s invented public housing scheme, are commonplace in modern Singapore. They provide many benefits – strengthening communities, catering to our growing population and ensuring safe housing for all. However, an inescapable downside is: space can’t be provided for [...]

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5 stylish office looks to impress your visitors without breaking the bank

  I believe there is no contest when one says the past 3 years has been eye-opening for all. The coronavirus pandemic had shaken up and changed all that we know of, from social events to our very livelihood. Originally, many of us had been forced to work digitally and eventually, we were reluctant to [...]

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Loving your carpentry? 5 Ways to tell apart good and poor workmanship.

In a project, everyone should pull their weight and in the carpenters’ case… in lumber. Jokes aside, a carpenters’ handicraft is truly a work of art that can make or break a place. Little detailing has more effect on us than we would like to admit and I’m sure no one likes to be disappointed [...]

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Modern revival of the kitchen? – Best kitchen designs for 2022

Modern revival of the kitchen? – Best kitchen designs for 2022 Portrayed in innumerable movies, evidenced in crumbling castle ruins. The kitchen had always been hidden in the back of the house, seen only as a place for meals to be prepared, pilling with dirty dishes. It would astound those that lived decades ago if [...]

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4 Creative Ways Of Using Metallic Accessories To Accentuate Your Interior

    Metals have always enthralled humans since the beginning of time - Steel and iron imbedded in countless buildings, with even the Egyptians, the Romans and the emperors of the past draping themselves in gold. Just as they had adorned robes of gold, many current day houses adorn the same gold accents. It is [...]

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5 Ways To Creatively Use Glass In Your House

  There are lots of things people who live in houses of glass need to know… And it isn’t just about not throwing stones! Glass adds a touch of opulence into homes, accentuates spaciousness while allowing light to flow beautifully into the house. With the advancement in technology, frailness of glass is no longer a [...]

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Online Shopping For Furniture And Accessories: When You Should, And When You Shouldn’t

Online shopping is usually a hit or miss situation. You’ve probably heard reviews from people raving about their online purchases and those on the other extreme end of the spectrum complaining about their experiences. Keeping this in mind, we have listed out the good, the bad and some tips to prepare you with if you [...]

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The 5 Major Types Of Flooring And How To Choose The Right One For Your House

Flooring takes up a sizable portion of your overall renovation costs. It is also highly likely to be permanent and extremely tedious to redo. More importantly, flooring is the one surface you will come into contact with most often. Apart from the aesthetic appeal and wanting to match the theme of your house’s interior design [...]

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The 6 Most Popular Interior Design Styles for HDBs in Singapore

Deciding on a theme is usually the hardest part of the conceptualization process in interior designing. You browse through the various interior designing styles (check out our ultimate guide to the different interior design styles here if you have not) but still need a more tangible reference. We want to make things easier for you. Today, let [...]

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