Beyond White Walls: Exploring Bold Wall Ideas

When it comes to interior design, the walls are often overlooked as purely structure. But the truth is that walls serve as the foundation of any room and set the tone for the entire space. Think back. When was the last time you had anything other than paints or wallpapers? Bold wall treatments can turn [...]

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Hacks without hacking? You will love these ways of creating a sense of space in your home

In our little red dot, things are safe, secure and… small. HDBs, the pride of our government’s invented public housing scheme, are commonplace in modern Singapore. They provide many benefits – strengthening communities, catering to our growing population and ensuring safe housing for all. However, an inescapable downside is: space can’t be provided for [...]

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15 interior colour palettes that tell a story about your property

    Any good designer will tell you; colour has power. It can be used to evoke different moods, tell a story within a home and even bring about a whole new atmosphere. With that said, we realize that establishing a house colour scheme may sound unnerving since it is hard enough to choose [...]

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You Got Watch Channel Collab Feature

You Got Watch Channel Collab Feature Many seek comfort from places they deem as home. When designing your comfort zone, would you trust your own handy work? In this episode of spill it, our Managing Director, Eugene and interior designer Delynn uncover the grey areas of shady contractors, fear of haunted houses and interesting [...]

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Channel 8 Interview Feature

Channel 8 Interview Feature Our managing director, Eugene, had been interviewed by Channel 8 about the recent climate of the interior design industry! Here’s a snapshot of the written article: For those that prefer to hear about it, do check the video out here! For more information, contact our design team at +65 [...]

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Dulux, AkzoNobel October 2017 Magazine Feature

Dulux, AkzoNobel October 2017 Magazine Feature Our Holland Drive project has been featured in this year’s in Dulux Inspiration Gallery Magazine! Find us on pages 38-39! Here is a snapshot of the feature: “COMMUNAL ZONES By knocking down several walls in this flat unit, the design team managed to open up the interiors to make way [...]

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Home & Decor June 2017 Feature

Home & Decor June 2017 Feature For the second year running, i.Poise Pte Ltd has tied up with Home & Decor and this time we have been selected to be featured in Home & Decor’s June 2017 Magazine! Do check it out on the SPH magazines webpage or via their hard copy magazine in page 141 today! Here is [...]

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SquareRooms October 2016 Feature in Collaboration with Dulux

SquareRooms October 2016 Feature in Collaboration with Dulux In the month of October 2016, our Marine Crescent project was featured in SquareRooms’ Oct ’16 issue in pages 62-63 in collaboration with Dulux! Here is the feature: ”LIVING Noting the homeowners’ preference for a restrained colour scheme, the designers worked with two colours primarily: white and gold. [...]

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Home & Decor’s Designer Showcase – 14th Edition

Home & Decor's Designer Showcase - 14th Edition For the year of 2016, i.Poise Pte Ltd was featured in Home & Decor’s 14th Edition Designer Showcase! This magazine is Home & Decor’s top designer magazine where they exclusively choose and feature the best of the best and only one issue per year. Do check it out [...]

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Singapore’s Top 100 SME 2014-2015

Singapore’s Top 100 SME 2014-2015 In the years of 2014-2015, we were nominated by Singapore Award Association and won the prize of being Singapore’s Top 100 SME! We just want to thank everyone who has supported us the past 15 years since i.Poise Pte Ltd started, making this achievement possible. Looking forward to many more [...]

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