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Designer Spotlight: i.Poise Design
March 21, 2016 : Spotlight

Recognising the need to stand out from their competitors, i.Poise Design is constantly evolving and seeks to offer interior styling along with their renovation works to provide a complete makeover for homeowners’ homes. We sit down with Alicia, who brings us on a trip down memory lane as she shares about what piqued her passion in interior design and styling.


Qanvast: How did you get started as an interior designer?

Alicia (A): I started many years back doing design consultation for a friend’s place. Back then, I was really interested in design and as I didn’t have the license to handle the renovation, I worked with the contractor my friend had engaged.

After that event, I went to take up courses and worked my way up as a certified interior designer. With that certification, I started freelancing for two to three years before starting my company in 2009. It was definitely not easy in the initial stages, but thankfully, I had a lot of referrals which helped grew the business. Going forward, I’m looking to have my own showroom.

Qanvast: We heard that your firm is looking to provide interior styling services too. Tell us more about that.

A: It started three years ago where an Indian businessman first approached me to style up his condominium. It was my first attempt in styling and I would say it was quite an insighful experience. I spent a day out shopping with him, understanding his tastes and peferences, and then I used the remaining week to style his place. I bought items like flowers, cushions, floor lamps and other décor pieces. He loved the high-class feel and opted for the expensive stuff, and so the entire purchases cost $30,000! The client really loved the place and it gave me a sense of fulfillment.

From then onwards, I have been thinking of including interior styling in i.Poise’s offerings as interior styling and home renovation go hand in hand. Instead of handing over an empty unit after the renovation works are done, we provide suggestions to homeowners on how to style up their place to make the house look more complete. These décor pieces definitely help to add a soft touch to the home.

Qanvast: To you, what is good interior design?

A: It involves meeting the needs of a homeowner. A common complaint among homeowners is that the actual work doesn’t resemble the 3D drawings. For our work, we would say that we manage to achieve a look that is 80% similar to the 3D drawings.

The design of a home should leave room for spaces in between so that natural light can illuminate the place.

Qanvast: What was your most interesting project?

A: That would be the Katong Gardens condominium. The client wanted an architect to design the place, and an interior firm (which is myself), to work on her home. This is the first time that I worked with a young architect and we could complement each other in terms of skillset – the architect was stronger in technical design (measurements etc) whereas I had the skillset of adapting the design to the on-site renovation.

We also did some interesting features like an origami staircase and I definitely learned a few things about design from the architect.

Qanvast: What tips would you offer to homeowners with a budget constraint?

A: Carpentry is the most expensive portion in a renovation quote. If you don’t have deep pockets, do carpentry only on the more important stuff (like the kitchen cabinet etc). You can always add a few years later if you need the extra storage.

Also for carpentry, pay attention to the materials and hinges. Don’t scrimp on cheap carpentry! Do your research and pay for quality workmanship. It’s only after using for six months to a year then you can determine the quality.

About i.Poise Design:

  • Years of experience: 10
  • No. of projects completed: 120
  • Project was shortlisted as a finalist design for I-DEA Asia Pacific Category Award

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