Why Singaporeans Love The Scandinavian Interior Design Trend

Location: Modena Condo

Scandinavian interior design, especially popular in HDBs as a sort of updated minimalist style, has started to overtake their minimalist predecessor. This sleek and elegant style has graced many HDB units with its touch of comfort and cosiness.

Scandinavian design is known for its close ties to nature, incorporating the use of natural materials such as leather and wood and it is all these traits that make it so desirable in the eyes and hearts of Singaporeans.

But don’t mistake the Scandinavian interior design for minimalist interior design. While these 2 styles have numerous overlapping qualities, the one thing that sets them apart would be the materials and finishings that bring out two distinct feels to your home. Keep reading to see how we’ve helped our clients achieve this classic and cosy style in their own homes!

Location: Marine Crescent

Colour Schemes

If you were to find the perfect word to describe Scandinavian interior designs, ‘clean’ would be a top contender. In order to achieve this ‘clean’ look, colour palettes play a huge role. Let’s take a look at some ways we can use colours to achieve this.



Black and white and… a Scandinavian theme? After all the ‘going au naturel’ spiel, black and white would definitely be the last thing on your mind. However, when combined properly, these 2 trends can definitely build upon and complement each other.

Even against the black chalkboard, notice how the natural elements and plants pieces are utilized, to soften the dark backdrop. Combined with the soft light wooden floor, table and ergonomic chairs, a flowy, functional interior starts to form.

Colour Me Crazy

On the other hand, embracing colours could really work in your favour. Generally, soft calming colours such as light blue or beige fit the Scandinavian bill to a tee, but don’t be afraid to throw in a bright splash of colour to create accents points of visual interest!

For this particular room at Holland Drive, the homeowner went with soft colours for his walls, bed and pillows and miscellaneous room décor but decided to throw in the red zig-zag stripes to add a little pop and the warmth of the red tones still manages to complement the woody tones of the fixtures in the room.

Keep it Neutral

Location: Legenda Condo

Last but not least, you could opt for earthy tones and still have your house looking amazing. The folks at Legenda Condo opted to do just that. We helped them completely embraced the Scandinavian spirit by opting for mostly rustic wooden furniture to complement the sleek, white finishing of the walls and main dining table.

For their living room space, we lightened up the palette with soft blue furnishings and plush throw pillows. This both visually and texturally softens up the entire room, bringing out the trademark cosiness of Scandinavian interior.

Location: Legenda Condo

One thing we especially love in this condo’s interior is this washroom cabinet, that has become an unexpected statement piece. Many overlook functional pieces, and rooms that aren’t generally for entertaining. But this rustic piece brings life into this otherwise normal washroom while complimenting the colder stone walls that the room has been outfitted with, creating a stylish balance!

Let There Be Light

Speaking of light, this is something that this naturalistic design concept won’t be complete without. Lighting is a key source in any Scandinavian-themed home because back in the Nordic countries they only had 7 hours of daylight to spare. As such, these Scandinavians spent a lot of time indoors during those cold winter nights. Lighting, be it natural or artificial, is thus incorporated heavily into these designs.

While we’ll never have that problem in Singapore, the important point is to allow as much natural light into the interior as much as possible, as seen below where behind the day blinds, we opted for ceiling-to-floor glass doors to let as much natural light in as possible.

Location: Legenda Condo

And if you find that your home wasn’t structurally designed to let a lot of light in, don’t worry! Artificial light can be installed and adjusted to bring that same warmth you get from sunlight. Just find yourself LED strip lights and place them in places where traditional bulbs can’t go, such as under beds or along walls.

Location: Modena Condo

This’ll create a warm atmosphere even if there isn’t any hint of natural light. Our client from Modena Condo chose LED light strips to illuminate their bedroom and bathroom, and it really paid off. Simple? Check. Minimal? Check. Functional? Check.

Scandinavian interior design Singapore

And that’s a wrap for our insights into Scandinavian design. You may see these styles everywhere, yes, but no 2 homes will ever look the same. If you’ve seen something you like or you have more questions with regards to Scandinavian interior design in Singapore, especially for HDBs, feel free to contact us at +65 63451730 today or leave us a message at info@ipoisedesign.com.