Alicia was easy to work with and she could really understand our needs. During our discussion, we gave her fragments of ideas here and there and told her that we like the understated elegant look. We were amazed by how Alicia was able to work out something so close to what we had in mind. My wife and I were busy at work so we didn’t have much time to monitor the renovation but Alicia created a group chat for us where she would contact us for every decision she made. She was also able to make decisions quickly after knowing what we wanted so the renovation journey was smooth and efficient. At the end of it, we were extremely pleased with the outcome and our friends who came over were also impressed with the designs that I.Poise had done for us.

Samuel Seah

“My wife and I came to know about Alicia’s works because she had previously designed a few of my friends’ houses. We talked to a few interior designers but the main reason we decided to go with i.Poise was due to the good feeling and chemistry that we had with them, on top of with their competitive pricing.”

I had a rough concept of what I wanted for my place and when I shared my ideas with Alicia, she would not just say “yes” to everything that I asked for, but she would actually let me know the things that should or should not be done. Trusting her as the designer and professional, the ideas really translated very well into the renovation. She gave me a lot of suggestions and alternatives on how I can save costs on certain parts of the renovation. As I was not in a rush to move in, I gave Alicia ample time to complete the renovation and she has done a really good job at it.

Christina Tan

“Their works are well worth the money spent, as their workmanship and service are excellent. My friends have also asked me for their contact and I will definitely recommend i.Poise to others as well.”

Despite having spent a 6-figure sum on their home for a major renovation, the apartment was falling apart after just 2 years. Alicia was recommended by an industry counterpart and within a tight deadline made the home as good as new at a fraction of the cost. The project was a major challenge with many items such as cabinets and pocket doors that needed to be fabricated, thus requiring a longer time frame to complete. The existing pocket doors were all falling apart but Alicia was able to propose a system that did not require any hacking works, more durable and long lasting.

Mr and Mrs Frank Smith – Director of award-winning TV production company and CEO of trading company, property developer and resort owner.

“Alicia is a delight to work with. She fixed our all problems in a tiny window of time during the school holidays. She came up with creative solutions for all our demands, and most importantly – she delivered amazing workmanship, with high quality materials – all to a very reasonable budget and deadline. We can’t recommend her highly enough.”

For her first renovation project for this couple, the challenge was making a small, high-ceilinged space look bigger than it actually was. With her creativity and ingenuity, Alicia made their dream come true. For her second project with them, a major part of the cost would have to go into the major hacking and fabrication works as it was an old condo. However, to help them minimize cost, Alicia proposed that emphasis be placed on using interior decoration to dress up the place whilst utilising cost-effective materials for the fabrication works.

Mr and Mrs Emmanuel Goh – Banking Executive and Homemaker

“We appreciate the fact that Alicia makes the effort to really understand our requirements. At the same time, she’d give practical solutions that help us keep within our budget. Alicia has a great sense of colour coordination and visualization so she was able to help us achieve a beautiful end result that suits our taste. Alicia also helped to give us recommendations on furniture choices and even sourced for interesting pieces for us that will fit our home design. We also take comfort that she works with integrity and responsibility. That gives us a peace of mind to know that our home is in good hands and that the finished product is of the best quality.”

For their first DBSS flat, the couple wanted a special princess room for their 2 primary school-aged daughters. The result was a room that was such a hot favourite with their daughters’ friends that they always request to hang out in their room whenever they come over for a visit. Alicia added special touches like a customized bookshelf that had add-on décor pieces, which allowed them to be creative and move them about when they wanted a change.

Mr & Mrs Samuel Seah – Senior Planning (International Relations) and Global Benefits Consultant

“Alicia did such a wonderful job with the design of our home. We loved every part of our house which she had designed. But the highlight was the princess room for our daughters. We could only imagine the look and feel of it in our minds and described it to Alicia. But Alicia managed to catch exactly what we had in mind and the culmination of her choice of furniture, curtains, paint colour and fabrication of an exquisite bookshelf really brought to life what we had originally envisaged – a truly “princessy” room for our girls and their friends to play and hide in all day long. We were truly very impressed with her creativity, skill and taste to say the least.”

Chinese New Year was just round the corner and the clients wanted to move in immediately after the festive period. This was a test of efficiency as there were full hacking works done. In the end, Alicia’s relentless follow-up came through and the clients were able to move into their newly renovated place within that short time frame.

Mr and Mrs Eugene Soo – Entrepreneurs

“Alicia’s follow-up on the project was very tight which took a lot of the headache off my plate. This being the 2nd time that we have enlisted her services, she has yet again proven herself.”

As their condominium unit was in move-in condition, little renovation was required. However, space and storage was an issue. So a small bedroom adjoining the master bedroom was merged with the master bedroom and extra cabinets were built throughout the various bedrooms and living area to provide extra storage.

Mr and Mrs Jack Lim – Director, Ernest & Young, and Homemaker

“We had a very tight window to move in but Alicia was able to manage the timelines well. She was also able to add in the extra storage without compromising the design and space of the rooms.”

One of Alicia’s first few projects, they were very impressed with her ability to turn their HDB flat into something that had the look and feel of a condominium which few designers could achieve at that time.

Mr and Mrs Kelly Chin – Principal R&D Engineer and Homemaker

“I love lime green and mirrors and Alicia was able to incorporate that in the design of our flat. It felt great when my friends came to visit and couldn’t stop commenting that they felt that they’ve stepped into a beautiful, classy condominium unit.”

The couple were extremely detail-oriented and were delighted with Alicia’s attention to detail.

Mr and Mrs H Singh Sohi – Senior Executive and Homemaker

“I thought I was meticulous until I met Alicia. Her attention to detail is on par with mine and I find that a plus point she was renovating our place.”