Deciding on a theme is usually the hardest part of the conceptualization process in interior designing. You browse through the various interior designing styles (check out our ultimate guide to the different interior design styles here if you have not) but still need a more tangible reference. We want to make things easier for you. Today, let us look at some of the most popular HDB interior design styles amongst Singaporeans!

1. Minimalism – Less is More!
Singapore is a very fast-paced society such that it gets stressful trying to keep up at times. The minimalistic HDB interior design style centers around simplicity and clarity. This aesthetic restraint fashions a sense of control and calmness – exactly what you need to have a peace of mind.

The concept is to only have what is essential and focus the room on a single aspect. This could be the view, your most prized display items, furniture or even the decorations on the walls. Minimalism is sleek, clean and profound. Typically, a monochromatic palette will be used to anchor the atmosphere. While most people generally opt for the lighter spectrum, darker colours work better to induce a sense of sophistication and elegance.

2. Industrial – Raw, Suave and Mysterious

The industrial style mainly draws inspiration from industrial structures such as factories and warehouses. The focus is to exude a heightened look with a rustic feel. Increasingly, Singaporeans are incorporating exposed piping into their home designs.

The magic behind the industrial interior design style really has to do with how the raw and rough layout actually requires a heap of attention and craftsmanship. If you are looking for something simple yet bold, this is the perfect style for you.

3. Modern – Timeless and Poised

Still riding on the concept of keeping things simple, the modern style encompasses the words clean, polished and timeless. Simply put, this style will never get old and will weather all trends to come.

The theme centres around monochromatic colours and utilizes the flooring, furnishings and wall decorations to emanate an ambience of luxury and elegance.

4. Scandinavian – Connect with Nature

This style assimilates the elements of nature to conceive a soothing effect. You become one with nature and the creation of ample space allows you to take in the room’s calmness in its entirety.

The core of this style structures around space creation, proper lighting, plants, wood and light colours. The flooring is essential to illuminating the house to radiate a warm welcome. The placement of plants and wood furnishing also helps effectuate this sense of an inviting atmosphere.

5. Traditional – Designed for Tradition

This style takes reference from the past. European décor anchors the direction of the design and items with historical significance or attributes are used to set the tone of the room. Classic art, antiques, heavy furniture and extravagant accessories are all characteristics that contribute to a consistent and ordered aesthetics.

Unlike the previous styles, the traditional style employs darker and warmer tones. While the colour palettes can be bold, they should not be too chaotic or wild.

Besides the Western traditional design, this style can also take an Eastern approach. Most aspects of these 2 styles are the same. The main difference lies in the ornaments and decoration used.

Large plants and articles of nature set the foundation of the Eastern traditional design. This style gives you a sense of imperialism, as though you are living in your very own mini palace.





Naturally, there are many other HDB interior design styles that are gaining traction in Singapore. More Singaporeans are placing an increasing emphasis on interior designing and for good reason – your home is the single place you spend most time in and it should suit your personality.

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