The Secret to Stunning 3 Room BTO Interior Designs

3 room flats are one of the most popular HDB flat options amongst young couples that are ready to BTO because of the good balance between pricing and spacing!  It may seem like a small apartment space by any means, but this versatile space can be opened up, and given a completely new vibe! Our interior designers share some of our best tips and tricks to help you create a stunning 3-room BTO interior!

Make way, make way

Let’s kick this off by addressing the number one problem everyone’s facing – space. It’s no lie that the new BTO flats are smaller than the older resale flats, so space-saving solutions are so important. This is where interior designers come in – we specialize in making the place seem bigger by making every square foot more functional and comfortable to be in!

One of the most important aspects of interior design is creating custom storage for our clients. For instance, we turned a wall partition into a vertical wine holder that doesn’t add bulk to the room, and also brings an interesting element of design to the home!

Transparency is key

A very common interior design tip we see is to have an open concept which can involve knocking down walls, and avoiding doors or surfaces that completely cut one room off from another. But if you’d still like some form of demarcation of where one room ends and the other room starts, partial glass fixtures, or glass wall panelling can give you that without shrinking your space.

For this unit at Holland Drive, we used sleek metal and glass panel structures to visually separate the kitchen from the vanity area without adding bulk and cutting the room in half. The monochromatic colour scheme also carries through to the rest of the vanity and shower, making the whole area appear sleek and cohesive.

Colour Your Zones

Another way to separate parts of your home would be to use colour. In this monochrome-coloured 3-room HDB, you can clearly see where the entrance area where you leave your shoes ends. But because we defined this space with colour, your eyes are still able to travel naturally and easily across the rest of the space, making the room feel and look much bigger.

Transitioning to a brown and white colour scheme right next to the black and white entryway feels seamless because we used white in both areas, creating a common theme. But at the same time, the warmth of the brown wooden fixtures creates a different and cosier environment within this small space!

Black and white

The Minimalist interior design trend has been popular with many 3-room HDB owners for its simplicity, elegance, and versatility. One main aspect of putting together a minimalistic look is to choose your colours wisely–or sparingly to be more precise.

Many of our clients outfit their homes with a black and white monochromatic theme because it’s a great backdrop that will allow you to add touches of colour or print without overwhelming a space. And in the future, if you decide you want to change up your interior styling, having this simple look will allow you to experiment with more options! We also encourage the addition of wooden furniture and flooring to soften the stark contrast of black and white, giving it an almost zen-like vibe as you walk into the home.

Cozy Corners

       Location: Holland Drive 3 Room HDB

We’ve talked about how important it is to maximise your 3-room HDB’s space, and corners are an often overlooked area that could present you with a surprising amount of potential! For instance, we installed this off-white suspended hammock chair that fits right in with the thoughtfully furnished wall shelf, allowing you the perfect opportunity to take a breather or huddle up with a book that you’ve been waiting to read.

Having such a grand fixture in this space instantly makes this once seemingly tiny corner feel much bigger, and by having all the fixtures together in a light and coordinated colour scheme, your space feels more open, spacious and bright.

Multi-purpose rooms

       Location: Holland Drive 3 Room HDB

When space is the issue, sometimes you have to get creative with how you use your rooms. Instead of demarking spaces and separating rooms, you can actually create more space by combining rooms! That’s what this unit did by putting their dining table within their living room.

Here, we added depth to the room by installing a wooden platform piled with cushions instead of a couch. Firstly because a lower seating arrangement makes your ceiling look higher and second,and secondly, the wood finish of the platform ties in seamlessly with the bench-like dining table, merging the two functional items in the room.

A Personal Touch

       Location: Marine Drive 3 Room HDB

As much as want to make your 3 room HDB look and feel open and grand, don’t forget to always add a personal touch because after all, it is your home! Having familiar elements and personal touches in your surroundings will make you feel truly at home.

Both of our clients chose to add their little personal touch to their homes by installing chalkboards. The best part is that with chalkboards if you ever get bored with your current art you can just erase it and draw something else!

3-room HDB Interior Designs

Designing your future home may seem tedious at first because of all the nitty-gritty details, but with the right interior design firm, it’ll be a breeze. With iPoise, we’ll walk you through the whole process and turn your vision into a reality! So contact us today at +65 63451730, or drop us an email at